EW Hof

different elctronic motors

Torque+synchronous+asynchronous+dc+battery-operated+explosion-proof motors+generators

We do not just offer you electric motors, but drive solutions that are perectly tailored to your requirements. Our products boast high quality, durability, and sophistication. Because we are experts in our field. For decades, we have been developing and manufacturing drives for our clients.
This is how we became a valued solutions provider. Our products range is proof of our passion. We work closely with you from the delelopment of the motor up to te readiness for series production. The result? Your customised drive.

EW Hof

Oberkotzauer Straße 3

95032 Hof An Der Saale


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Categoria merceologica: Motori elettronici

Settore di applicazione: Altro, Carta/Cartotecnica, Gomma/Plastica

Area tematica: Sustainable Innovation

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