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28 - 30 maggio 2019
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At FRAMOS, we enable machines to see and think. Imaging and vision technologies are our passion, they play a key role in automation, robotics and the IoT-connected factory and are key drivers in cognitive systems and vision based artificial intelligence. As a leading global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services and as a modern family business, we have assisted our customers since 1981 in the development of vision technologies. From the sensor to the finished system, we offer a powerful portfolio of vision services and components with a range of capabilities to suit every budget. Strong brands combined with excellent technical support with services ranging from image sensor selection through to camera customization and full turn-key design, allow our customers to develop cutting-edge imaging solutions and shorten their time-to-market.

Indirizzo: Centro Direzionale Colleoni - Pal. Taurus Ingr. 2 - 20864 - Agrate Brianza - Italia

Telefono: 039 6899635

Fax: 039 6898065

Sito web: www.framos.it

Referente: Monica Chinelli

Le nostre novità:

Intel®’s RealSense™ Technology
FRAMOS will showcase Intel’s RealSense Technology with a live demonstration. Intel® RealSense™ Technology is a suite of components that, when integrated into a device or machine, enables it to comprehend and interact with its environment in a truly 3-dimensional way.

FRAMOS will also present the Euresys Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE for high-speed applications in a live demo at the booth. The PCIe 3.0 CoaXPress frame grabber with 4 camera connections generates 3D maps with 16-bit color depth in real time. On-board FPGAs measure the laser’s position while taking the image without overloading the CPU. The transmission rate of 25 Gbit/s from camera to host computer memory is one of the fastest data acquisition rates currently available in the field of machine vision.

Prodotto in evidenza: INTEL®’S REALSENSE™

Intel®’s RealSense™
Categorie merceologiche

  3.4 Elaborazione industriale di immagine
  3.4.1 Sensori di visione
  3.4.2 Telecamere intelligenti Telecamere intelligenti 2D Telecamere intelligenti 3D
  3.4.3 Sistemi di visione
  3.4.4 Illuminatori
  3.4.5 Telecamere
  3.4.6 Lenti
  3.4.7 Accessori e servizi

Comunicati Stampa

18/05/2018 - Ore :  -  How Embedded Vision Developers Can Achieve High-Speed Sensor Interfacing and Easy Design-Ins for Cutting-Edge Devices (PDF 307 kb)

18/05/2018 - Ore :  -  Framos presenta ISVI - Telecamere avanzate ad alta velocità (PDF 103 kb)

18/05/2018 - Ore :  -  FRAMOS Develops First SLVS-EC RX IP Core and EVB for Easy Interfacing with Xilinx FPGAs (PDF 139 kb)

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