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SPS Italia Digital Days

11 giugno 2020

SPS Italia to engage with the automation industry in September through a new digital dimension.

Traditional exhibition in Parma with visitor pavilions to return in 2021.

The postponement of the physical trade show has been agreed with exhibitors and partners. The decision to postpone was based above all on the need to prioritize the safety of participants.

In the meanwhile, to escort exhibitors and visitors to the next trade fair, SPS Italia has donned a new digital identity. In recent months, SPS Italia has focused its energies on building a new matchmaking platform to support the industries in our sector until the reopening of the trade fair. The new digital venue, or “SPS Italia Contact Place,” is a virtual space where businesses in our sector can exchange content and contacts, and benefit from the profile-raising potential of “SPS Italia Digital Days,” a three-day training and networking session to be held on 28 - 30 September, when the trade show was originally scheduled to take place. SPS Italia Digital Days will inaugurate the new platform and mark a move into the digital dimension by manufacturers of smart production systems. The success of the project is guaranteed by the very nature of SPS Italia, which brings together exhibitors representing the full gamut of makers of products for industrial automation, digital production, robotics and additive manufacturing.

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What is SPS Italia Contact Place?

SPS Italia Contact Place is a hub for the industrial automation sector that is open 365 days a year. It consists of a virtual space where visitors may discover and contact producers of automation equipment and machinery. It thus expands the opportunities of the fair, and enables participants to consolidate relationships and contacts using a digital dimension that does not replace but rather adds to the experience of physically visiting stands at the fair. The SPS Italia Contact Place will provide live shows and on-demand content from SPS Italia and partner companies.

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