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25 to 27 May, second edition of SPS Italia Digital Days

22 aprile 2021

The trade fair for automation and digital in industry will be back in Parma in 2022.

SPS Italia will take place in 2022, from 24 to 26 May. The decision to postpone the trade fair for smart, digital and flexible industry was made in consultation with exhibitors and partners specifically to guarantee a safe event.

Donald Wich, Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt Italia: "we have reached the eve of what we believe could be a genuine recovery. Despite the new provisions allowing it, out of a sense of responsibility for the SPS Italia network we have decided to postpone this trade fair until next year, giving our exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to plan their physical attendance in a climate of greater confidence and certainty."

Our partner companies are supportive of our efforts to hold the second edition of SPS Italia Digital Days from 25 to 27 May on Contact Place, the SPS Italia platform that has greatly improved - better services and more users - over these recent months of transition. Indeed, from next year, this platform will become a complementary part of the trade fair, opening up new opportunities and adding a new string to the traditional, physical event.

Francesca Selva, Vice President Marketing & Events Messe Frankfurt Italia: "in this new normality, relationships develop and technology provides the glue, opening up new horizons for making connections. There is a real desire to meet in person, and businesses are no exception, but SPS Italia has prioritised waiting responsibly. In recent months, we have embarked on digital development, which will become a collateral part of the event, but for the time being it is a strategic part of remaining in touch with the market, together with our exhibitors."

SPS Italia Digital Days, Digital Transformation at your Fingertips
The new event will be free to access and in a refreshed format, offering opportunities for targeted marketing and meeting a select group of companies (roughly 90) that really represents an incredibly innovative and comprehensive array of enabling technologies.

One of the exciting new additions for SPS Italia Digital Days is the matchmaking option. The digital experience will kick off on 4 May, when it becomes possible to book appointments with people at partner companies. It will be possible to choose the date and time for such meetings, plus the time period for them will run beyond the event dates, from 24 May to 4 June.

Programme of Scientific Conferences
The three days will be filled with live conferences and workshops that provide insight into digital transformation in advanced automation, digital & software, robotics and mechatronics, and additive manufacturing.
The opening panel discussion will be entitled "4.0 in Pharma: innovation, process and enabling technologies for the future of the Italian pharmaceutical industry" and will be on Tuesday 25 May in cooperation with ISPE Italia.

Teresa Minero, Founder & CEO | LifeBee - Digitalizing Life Sciences, International Board of Directors, EU Leadership Team, Steering Committee Pharma 4.0 | ISPE: "following on from the very fruitful relationship in previous years, ISPE Italia is proud to confirm it will be working with SPS Italia again this year. It will be great to discuss and debate, albeit remotely, digital innovation and transformation in pharmaceutical processes using 4.0 enabling technologies in a manner the fully complies with the regulations. The current pandemic has made it very clear how important it is to have rapid, reliable processes to develop, manufacture and distribute safe, effective, high quality drugs. This foregrounds the importance of digital transformation and shows that such change can no longer be put off, but is needed across the entire pharmaceutical value chain. Only smart, robust and regulatory compliant innovation, bringing concrete benefits, will make it possible not only for Italy's high quality, extensive pharmaceutical production ecosystem but also patients to reach the desired destination. We'll be discussing these issues on 25 May, using data and surveys from the industry about the actual use of enabling technologies and digital transformation, and the concrete benefits achieved."

SPS Italia Digital Days, Programme and Registration:

Arrival of “She SPS Italia, do you?”
This is a new undertaking for SPS Italia, built on a specific project to really benefit from the experience and expertise of women in automation and technologies for industry. “She SPS Italia, do you?” is a community that provides a space for telling stories and comparing ideas.

The project is aimed at the entire SPS Italia network, including journalists, entrepreneurs, professors and more generally all women who work in automation and innovation. The younger generation is particularly important because they are the people who will be able to bridge the gender gap in the future.

Top professionals can play a key mentoring role, helping to provide new opportunities in a world where men still dominate. The goal is to promote diversity, increase openness to talent and encourage the female vision through practical examples and stories of women that inspire, educate, innovate and reconsider the future.

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