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Our company Logic is one of Europe‘s leading companies for mechatronic solutions with intelligent servo drives. Our drives are used in the whole domain of automation industry. This includes automotive production lines, handling systems, packing machines as well as special purpose machinery manufacture. Our support and Know-How provide solutions for your applications in any industrial sector. The close collaboration between our development and suppliers enables us to offer you a high quality and economical product. Our service team supports you with common tasks as configuration, construction and dimensioning. Our product The structure of our products is based on an optimized modular system. This enables you to select individually customized components as you need them in your application. The power range of the servo drives covers the torque range up to 20 Nm. Those torque levels are realized using voltage supplies with different AC or DC. All of our servo drives feature controllers for position, speed and torque.The product includes the motor electronic and the mechatronic components. The servo drives are able to communicate using field bus technology as CAN, Profibus, Profinet and EtherCat. Optionally the modular system provides an integrated holding brake including management, singleturn and multiturn encoders, IO-Configurations and an upgrade of the IP protection class.

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