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Via Enrico Fermi, 11/a

37135Verona (VR)


Telefono+39 045 464 9970

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Join-P designs and delivers innovative monitoring, asset tracking and indoor positioning systems to control and optimize manufacturing, logistics and stock management processes.
Our solutions are used with success in manufacturing plants in the automotive industry and components, cold chain logistics, distribution and shipments.

There is no One-Size-Fits-All solution when digitalizing a manufacturing or industrial process.
Every industrial player has its own special mix of technologies, degree of automation, formal or informal best practices, rules, regulations, skills and competencies that makes it unique in its own competitive environment.

Making a company “smart” means to carefully identify and select the best technologies available in the market and be able to wisely combine them in an effort of pushing to the maximum the creation of positive value, reduce waste in any forms, and leverage the company’s unique capabilities to trigger a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

Join-P embodies a modern workshop of a digital artisans able to master the most advanced technologies available today in the fields of indoor positioning, moving assets identification and tracking, smart sensors and environmental monitoring. We can combine all those technologies with advanced artificial intelligence, image recognition, data visualization, analytics and big data algorithms to address and solve the most complex problems in processes digitalization, monitoring and optimization.

Join-P is an innovative startup made of a team of multidisciplinary experts with many decades of experience in new technologies and innovation, that they have spent in helping multinational leader companies in constantly improving their own performances.

Categorie merceologiche

  • 03.02.07 - Accessori e servizi
  • 03 - Sensori
  • 03.03 - Sistemi e sensori di identificazione
  • 03.03.02 - Sistemi RFID
  • 03.04 - Elaborazione industriale di immagine
  • 03.04.02 - Telecamere intelligenti
  • 03.04.03 - Sistemi di visione
  • 03.04.07 - Accessori e servizi
  • 03.05 - Sensori e sistemi di misura
  • 06 - Software industriale
  • 06.03 - Software amministrativo per l'impianto
  • 06.03.01 - Sistemi di gestione degli asset
  • 06.03.02 - Sistemi di acquisizione dati di produzione
  • 06.03.03 - Sistemi di gestione dell'informazione
  • 06.03.04 - Sistemi MES
  • 06.06 - Sicurezza informatica per l'automazione
  • 06.07 - Applicazioni cloud computing
  • 06.07.01 - Condition monitoring
  • 06.07.02 - Analisi dei Big data
  • 06.08 - Servizi software
  • 06.08.01 - Servizi applicativi
  • 06.08.02 - Consulenza di processo/metodi
  • 09 - Dispositivi di interfaccia uomo macchina
  • 09.07 - Sistemi HMI
  • 10 - Comunicazione industriale
  • 10.08 - Dispositivi industriali IIOT
  • 12 - Formazione e consulenza
  • 12.04 - Start-up
  • 13 - System integrator
  • 13.01 - System Integrator

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