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GE Digital, our focus is clear: delivering software that accelerates a new era of energy. We deliver software that accelerates electrification and decarbonization across the energy ecosystem - from how power is created, to how it is orchestrated, to how it is consumed. Using data, we transform how our customers solve their toughest challenges. By improving the energy ecosystem to be more intelligent and efficient, we’re helping create reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for all.

Our software is accelerating grid modernization efforts by orchestrating a secure, cleaner energy grid and accelerating the transition to zero-and low-carbon energy resources. And we’re accelerating decarbonization initiatives with software that creates insights to help our customers reduce emissions and waste – right now.


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Proficy Smart Factory

Reach manufacturing excellence through on-premise and cloud-based MES, leveraging IoT insights and intelligence

Proficy CSense datasheet

Proficy CSense from GE Digital uses AI and machine learning to enable process engineers to combine data across industrial data sources and rapidly identify problems, discover root causes, predict future performance, and automate actions to continuously improve quality, utilization, productivity, and delivery of operations.

Proficy Historian for Cloud Datasheet

Achieve enterprise-scale OT data in the cloud for greater visibility, IoT analytics, and optimization Industrial organizations have moved beyond skepticism about putting their OT data in the cloud. Today, the question is how, not why, as companies seek to unlock the full potential of analytics and leverage IT cloud investments. Proficy Historian for Cloud is the world’s only cloud-native operational data historian.