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Hope Industrial manufactures and markets industrial flat panel monitors, touch screens, and related products with superior quality and up-to-date features that are relevant to industrial applications. We house this advanced technology in a variety of rugged enclosures that allow the user to put their displays wherever they are needed in the factory. We assure our customers of high reliability over time and back it up with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. We provide all of these benefits at a price that is significantly less than comparable industrial offerings. And finally, we offer the best sales, support and service in the industry: 30-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee, Five-year Limited Warranty for all standard products, 24-48 hour Repair Turnaround (most models). Standard models are normally in stock and shipped upon order.


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Hope Industrial fornisce monitor a schermo piatto e touchscreen industriali di qualità superiore e con caratteristiche all’avanguardia, ideali per applicazioni industriali. Proteggiamo questa tecnologia avanzata con una varietà di enclosure rugged che consentono all’utente di collocare il display ovunque sia necessario in fabbrica. Garantiamo ai nostri clienti un’elevata affidabilità nel tempo e li proteggiamo con una garanzia leader nel settore.