Esponi a SPS Italia 2024

Diventa protagonista della prossima edizione della Fiera, in programma a Parma, dal 28 al 30 maggio 2024.

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As a globally recognized supplier of electronic connectors, JAE Europe, Ltd. (subsidiary of Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd (JAE)) designs, manufactures and markets superior electronic connectors and aerospace products to a variety of industries. With the philosophy “Explore, Create, and Practice”, the company continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions to an increasingly demanding industry. By combining divergent technologies from experience gained in the aerospace and automotive industries, JAE Europe, Ltd. has been able to transfer these technologies into advanced connector designs with the most demanding applications in the industry. Our parent company, JAE, is a globally oriented supplier of electronic components, fibre optic connectors, LCD monitor connectors, waterproof electrical connectors and other digital systems. Wholly owned JAE, JAE Europe, Ltd. was established on 1996. At JAE Europe, Ltd., we offer a wide selection of connector and sensor solutions for a variety of different industry applications.





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