Corvina Cloud

Open Industrial IoT Platform

CORVINA is the cloud-based, all-in-one data management platform that provides the technology you need for the industrial world. CORVINA is an administration shell for distributed edge systems, integrating data collection, monitoring and control, configuration management, integrated web tools and programming environments to support the machinery and applications throughout its whole lifecycle providing productivity increase and new Business Model based on Services.

It connects any products, plants, systems, and machines, be they new or legacy. It allows the data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) to be processed simply and intuitively with advanced analysis.

It bridges layers between IT and OT architecture, providing effective tools to access all the industry 4.0 benefits, such as asset performance management, artificial intelligence, cloud edge computing, predictive maintenance, data modeling and OT remote monitoring.

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Via Monte Fiorino 13

37057San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)


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Categoria merceologica: Applicazioni cloud computing

Settore di applicazione: Automotive, Building Automation (inclusi ascensori e sistemi elevatori), Elettronica/Elettrotecnica

Area tematica: Industrial IT & AI

Keyword: #cloud #industrial #fleetmanagement