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Totem-pole PFC reference design with SiC technology

This innovative bridgeless totem pole boost circuit delivers greater efficiency at all load conditions and greater power density than conventional boost circuits, thanks to its 650 V SiC MOSFETs.

It features solid state inrush current limitation through digitally-controlled ST Thyristor SCRs for fast but smooth power up or line drop recovery, high surge immunity and no EMI.

The design presented in the demo video below (Italian subtitles available) is an ideal front end for a compact converter with performance characteristics that can easily meet the requirements of the principal standards.

Find out more in the video and the narrated presentation!

ST products:
SCTW35N65G2V: Silicon carbide power MOSFET
TN3050H-12WY: 30 A 1200 V automotive-grade SCR thyristor
STM32F334: Mixed-signal MCU with DSP and FPU for digital power
STGAP2S: Galvanically isolated 4 A single gate driver
VIPER26LD: Energy saving 12W high voltage converter with direct feedback
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