Safe and efficient control & drive solution for 48V industrial motors

ST helps reduce time to market with comprehensive solutions and reference designs like this 5kW high current inverter for 48V motors, which present a significantly lower shock hazard to humans.

The 5kW power board owes much of its performance to the superior switching characteristics and efficiency of our STripFET F7 MOSFET, mounted on an insulated metal substrate for maximum thermal dissipation.

Thermal and overcurrent sensing and protection are integral to the design, including the fault protection and shutdown circuitry embedded in the L6491 gate driver, which is capable of delivering up to 4 A to the switching devices.

Watch the demo video below (Italian subtitles available) or follow the narrated presentation to know more.

ST products:
STH315N10F7-6 / STH310N10F7-6: Automotive-grade N-channel STripFET F7 Power MOSFET in H2PAK-6 package
L6491: High voltage high and low-side 4 A gate driver


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