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Experts in Vandalism Protection

Keyboards with protection against all influences

In many applications, electrical and electronic devices have to work safely for many years under difficult environmental conditions. This applies to our keyboards no less. In addition to applications under a wide range of temperature, the corrosive load - including resistance to aggressive substances in industry such as moisture, water, vapors, acids, alkalis, oil or fuels - is a challenge. In addition, the penetration of foreign bodies and of dust or mechanical stress due to scratches and hits are prevented for reliable function and safe use.

With our vandal-proof, dust and watertight and EMC keyboards, we can help wherever operation via an input system is not possible under normal environmental conditions. Our keyboards are specially developed and constructed for your area of ​​application and offer all the required properties for your special purpose. Find out more about the individual areas of application and degrees of protection in the following sub-pages.





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Categoria merceologica: HMI per aree pericolose

Settore di applicazione: Telecomunicazioni/ICT, Macchine Utensili/Robotica, Oil & Gas

Area tematica: Robotica & Meccatronica

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