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Control platforms

b maXX controllers from Baumüller let you consistently implement the concept of scalability and modularity, enabling flexible adaptation to the latest requirements for machine construction. Depending on the application, we can support you in the development of central, modular decentralized and hybrid control architectures.

Our control platforms are also suitable for highly synchronized drives and are fully integrated into the Engineering Framework ProMaster. There you will find all the applications required for the creation of the machine and system topology, the fieldbus and I/O configurators as well as applications such as the PROPROG 5 programming environment, ProCAM cam editor and many more.

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A new dimension of automation With a Baumüller solution, you can make your machines flexible and super-efficient. Our solutions are based on scalable components that can be freely combined and adapted perfectly to your machine topology. The use of standardized interfaces means that your automation solutions from Baumüller are always up to date, future-proof and scalable.



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