No-code Vision AI platform for manufacturing

The AI platform designed for computer vision applications in manufacturing.

AI-go provides a wide range of pre-trained models for industrial artificial intelligence applications: visual inspection and quality control. Classification (binary, multiclass, and patch), anomaly detection, segmentation, and OCR (optical character recognition).

Thanks to the ability to use unsupervised models – trained only with good parts, with no need for scrap examples – AI-go drastically reduces the time for implementing the solution: from weeks to just a few minutes!

With AI-go, you’ll achieve better performance compared to computer vision solutions developed with traditional algorithms, greater flexibility, and robustness to operate in the industrial context.
In a short time, with minimal data and complete autonomy, you’ll build and deploy your own vision AI system for manufacturing!


- USER FRIENDLY: no specific skills are required and it can be used by people without previous knowledge of compute.
- VALIDATION AND MONITORING: manage the validation of new models before deploying them into production, monitor them remotely to ensure they are working properly, and schedule automatic re-training to improve their performance over time.
- QUICK AND EASY INTEGRATION: with existing vision systems.
- SMALL-SIZED MODELS: models are automatically optimised to operate even on devices with reduced computational power (IoT, edge computing).
- STRONG AND STABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL USE: designed to operate in industrial scenarios, considering cycle time, inference speed and reliability.

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