MAE presents the BL 89 SI AC high-speed motor

With the BL 89 SI AC motor, MAE presents a high-speed motor that offers many functions thanks to the integrated electronics. On the one hand, this enables an enormously wide speed range of 3000-20,000 rpm, and allows simple control of inrush current, continuous current and speed on the other hand. The motor is controlled via an analog input. The operation on 110V/230V mains voltage makes the application versatile and quickly convertible. The motors can completely operate without external components in the control cabinet and are thus optimized for simple wiring and operation without an additional frequency converter.
Two different sizes with an output of up to 230 watts and 65 Ncm cover a wide range of applications. Additional customer adaptations for mounting are possible.
The areas of application range from fan drives to pump and blower applications to component cooling or combustion chamber ventilation. Due to its high efficiency, the BL 89 SI AC is ideally suited to replace inefficient AC motors in your applications. MAE's many years of experience in fan design make the motors reliable, durable and perfect for industrial applications.

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