Ultra-Compact Servo Motors

Brushless Servo motors

This series of servomotors features an ultra-compact design guaranteed to achieve high dynamic performance in minimum dimensions. The power, precision, compactness and availability to co-design with the customer allow us to create high performing machines available in 5 sizes. This allows Ultra Compact servomotors to be an ideal solution for all applications that require dynamic performance and maximum power density.

Main advantages of Ultra Compact
- Up to +30% torque density, which allows greater power in every motor size
- High quality and torque stability that ensure regularity and precision of movement
- Up to 20% reduction in overall dimensions
- Single connector DSL interface for easier and more effective integration

- 5 sizes - 10 poles; square flange 58 to 142 mm
- Torque range 0.36 to 30 Nm; speed up to 6000 rpm
- Top performance, low torque ripple
- Ultra compact design
- Wide range of transducers: resolver, incremental encoder, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL, EnDat
- IP65 Protection; TENV design
- Great flexibility to satisfy market's needs

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