Symmetrical FOV (9m range)

The S201A-MLR sensor operates in the millimeter wave V band (60 GHz) and it can detect complex scenes by analyzing the returned signals reflected by both static and moving objects in the operative range.
In addition to the dynamically selectable horizontal field of view and up to four alarm areas, S201A-MLR also supports higher speeds (4 m/s) and longer ranges (9 meters) than the base S201A model. The S201A-MLR is therefore ideal in sectors like earth moving, railway, mining and agriculture.

The sensors perform the following primary functions:
• Motion and scenario analysis.
• Communication to the control unit of processed motion data and diagnostic information.
• The RCS of the target can be selected for human safety or collision with other object. The custom target detection is a safety function that allows detecting the access of one or more objects with specific RCS values.

Field of view
0 - 5m [min. set distance: 0.5m]
Horizontal Plane: 10-100°
Vertical Plane: 20°

5 - 9m
Horizontal Plane: 10-40°
Vertical Plane: 20°

The aperture of each field is dynamically adjustable in 10° increments over a range of 10° to 100° (between 0.5 and 5 m) and over a range of 10° to 40° (between 5 and 9 m).

Four independent detection fields with freely adjustable angles (10°-100° between 0.5 and 5 m, 10°-40° between 5 and 9 m) with a maximum total distance of 9 m.


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