Vision Cam AI-go

All in one smart camera

The smart camera co-developed with IMAGO Technologies GmbH, integrating deep learning algorithms for visual inspection tasks.

Vision Cam AI-go is a very flexible complete embedded deep learning based machine vision system. Vision Cam AI-go was mainly developed for customers with little or no experience in the fields of programming or machine vision. The high flexibility of the
deep learning camera Vision Cam AI-go allows the use of the system in numerous industrial areas of application in order to ensure a reliable check of quality features.

- Few images and time to learn: Vision Cam AI-go speed up the implementation of the deep learning solution; system requires only few images per class less than 1 minute to train the model.

- Industrial reliability: with very small dimensions Vision Cam AI-go is even suitable for applications in which very little
space is available for the machine vision component; Ethernet interface and GPIOs allow the integration in any machine.

- High resolution and speed: Vision Cam AI-go is available in color or monochrome, with a 5 MP resolution (2560 × 1936 pixels). When operating in partial scan mode, the image acquisition speed can be increased even further.

- High flexibility: the smart camera with deep learning software is extremely flexible and enables a reliable
classification of objects of all kinds. The size of the objects, their shape or color have no influence on the performance of the system. This means that Vision Cam AI-go can be used for quality testing of
almost any kind of object in a wide variety of application areas.

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