SeGMo positioning drives

Fast, precise and reproducible - automation of feed axes

You want to increase the productivity of your plant, ensure process reliability and reduce sources of error at the same time? Combine the elements of our UL-certified SeGMo-System individually according to your requirements.

The position display SeGMo-Assist makes manual adjustment processes easier by means of the indication of nominal and actual positions. Variants are available for rotary and linear applications. A further version without measuring system assists the operator, e.g., while changing format parts or tools.

The SeGMo drives are complete mechatronic systems with a battery-less multiturn absolute rotary encoder, gear and motor as well as integrated power and control electronics. We also offer these for standalone use. With nominal torques of up to 15 Nm, they cover the capacity range typical for secondary axes. Integrate the drives directly into your control system with our function blocks.

Alternatively, you can automate up to 17 secondary axes using the decentral SeGMo-Box. The box handles the power management for the connected drives and concentrates the interaction with the system control. In addition, up to 48 position displays can be connected to the modular SeGMo-Box.

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