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SL 38 Product Family

Start for a new linear motor series from Dunkermotoren

With the SL 38 product family, Dunkermotoren, a brand of AMETEK, is presenting the first size of the new linear motor series “ServoLinear”. The SL family impresses with great performance and flexibility. The strengths of the SL 38 motors lie particularly in their speed, force, and acceleration.
The peak forces of the new linear motors reach up to 3700 N at an acceleration of more than 200 m/s2. Applications that previously used slow spindle motors or inaccurate belt drives can now be driven much faster and more precisely with the new SL 38, thus increasing the application´s output significantly.
To meet the diverse requirements of a wide range of industrial applications, a total of five versions of the SL 38 have been developed. These are all based on the same base motor, which has been adapted to fit the special requirements of the respective application area.

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Categoria merceologica: Motori lineari

Settore di applicazione: Macchine assemblaggio, Food&Beverage, Packaging

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

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