FlexSim HC

Healthcare Simulation Software

The FlexSim HC healthcare simulation environment allows you to analyze every facet of your patient flow and evaluate how potential changes will impact your healthcare system—all in a patient-centered virtual environment. The solutions you find will be accurate and will help your healthcare organization be as efficient as possible.
It’s risky, expensive, and time-consuming to change the real-world healthcare processes—simulate them first with FlexSim HC to get it right!

Patient Process Flow

The patient drives all the activity in a real-life healthcare setting, and the Patient Process Flow builder makes that behavior possible in a FlexSim HC model. You can drag out and arrange a flowchart of activities and processes based on a patient’s acuity, diagnosis, and any other user-defined attributes. This is the most complicated part of creating a model, and we’ve spent countless hours to keep it as intuitive and simple as possible.

Patients don’t move like parts in a manufacturing plant; they aren’t pushed from one process to another. Instead, the Patient Process Flow builder emulates the natural pull of human resources that come to the patient to provide service and guide them to the appropriate next step in their prescribed care process.


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