Simple & precise – Dunkermotoren and MAE present cost-effective dGo control electronics for stepper motors

It is not often the case that product designers and purchasing managers are in agreement on using the same product. However, stepper motors with the new dGo drive electronics from Dunkermotoren and MAE, both AMETEK brands, have succeeded in doing so.
Designers like the compact construction combined with high torque and simple, precise control. Purchasing managers are pleased with the low costs.
For a long time, stepper motors have not been very popular. The mechanical design, speed, overload, and noise requirements have often been the excluding criteria. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, these restrictions are now compensated electronically so that stepper motors are currently experiencing a true renaissance. Dunkermotoren and MAE offer a new drive solution in this field, which impresses with its performance and simple controls.
The Dunkermotoren dGo control electronics for the MAE motors in sizes NEMA 17, 23 and 34 are controlled via one frequency signal for the speed and one direction signal (Step & Direction). A simple frequency generator on the customer´s side is enough to set speeds with a ratio of more than 10,000:1! And all without having to compromise on positioning accuracy. Electronic microstepping allows up to 12,800 preset positions per revolution.
If no movement is required, the electronics reduce the operating current to compensate for the weaknesses of conventional stepper motor controls. Further algorithms ensure, e.g., a very silent operation, especially at low speeds. Even the problem of unnoticed step loss in the event of an unnoticed overload, which was a "spectre" formerly, is now solved thanks to the electronic step loss detection.
The application area of the new dGo control electronics for stepper motors ranges from precise dosing pumps, gantry, or pick & place systems to packaging and labeling devices.

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