For industrial motion control, CMZ provides a complete hardware range to configure complete electronic systems from the "master control" to the "speed reduction" of the single axis.

-PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLERS. Made in Italy in our factory, up to 99 axis, with integrated I/O units, CODESYS.

-SERVO DRIVES. Made in Italy by CMZ 230V or 400V up to 20 A. Stand alone / Integrated / Near by. Versions brushless or stepper. Also available the new Smart Drive with integrated PLC: the servo drive is programmable in IEC-61131, very powerful and ensuring the management of axis motion and of local I/Os directly from the drive for machine centralization.

-SERVO MOTORS. Made in Italy, versions brushless and stepper up to 120 Nm.

-PERIPHERALS. Our I/O peripherals and modules manage inputs and outputs, for a wide selection of componible digital and analog I/O options and possibilities.

-PLANETARY GEARBOXES. Made in Italy, CMZ offers the full "mechatronic package" from control to single axis speed reduction.

-PANELS. HMI is a full part of CMZ range, the panels comply with Industry 4.0, IoT and IIoT up to 15''.


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