Float level sensors, offered by CAMLogic in models such as PFGLP, PFGLP22, CLR20, and CLR22, are electromechanical devices designed to detect fluid and liquid levels. These sensors operate without an external power supply, utilizing the buoyancy principle where the movement of the float, linked to a magnet, triggers a microswitch in the signaling circuit. The PFGLP and PFGLP22 models, distinguished by their hermetic stainless steel barrier separating the float and casing, are tailored for use in environments with corrosive materials or food products, and offer a high safety standard against explosive dusts, powders, and gas.

The CLR models, constructed entirely of stainless steel and featuring frictionless reed contacts with a permanent magnet, are known for their robustness and reliability. These can be fitted in both vertical and lateral positions, including a curved version for the CLR20, making them versatile for various installation spaces and adaptable to different types of liquids, including foamy ones. The CLR20 can monitor up to three level thresholds, while the CLR22 is designed for up to two thresholds. Common advantages of these sensors include ease of installation without the need for specific tools or settings, suitability for corrosive or food-grade applications, and enhanced protection in potentially explosive environments.


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