Blue Line

The new product families which compose the Blue Line are:
Genesi Mega-Ring - GEST
Genesi Power Bar - GP
Genesi Spot - GS
Genesi Backlight - GB
Genesi Flat Dome - GF
This line of products resulted from the union of different features, some of which have been identified internally while others have been designed on request.
Genesi has been able to develop a standard by giving the entire family the same features and possibilities for configuration and customisation to simplify the testing, selection and use of each product. The main features are:

simple connection: M12, 5 pole connector for all the products of the line
maximum light power for all the driving modes
fast turning on that allows to have pulses of a few micro-seconds
internal integrated controller that enables:
several driving modes without the need of an external controller: continuous, semi-continuous and strobe use with PNP or NPN triggers and analog regulation
monitoring of the pulse duration and the maximum temperature
presence of a status led to check the operating status of the light through different colours. More about:



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Categoria merceologica: Sistemi di visione

Settore di applicazione: Packaging, Food&Beverage, Macchine assemblaggio

Area tematica: Automazione Avanzata

Keyword: #machinevision #ringlight #backlight #spotlight #lightingsolutions