Esponi a SPS Italia 2024

Diventa protagonista della prossima edizione della Fiera, in programma a Parma, dal 28 al 30 maggio 2024.

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Technology for your sustainable automation initiatives.

ST helps industrial innovators define the current state-of-the art and tomorrow’s automation solutions. We design and manufacture innovative and reliable microelectronics solutions related to driving, connecting, and monitoring automation systems. We focus our product technology on the future and our customer support on the present, so they can design smarter solutions and go to market faster.

ST helps customers build applications with our advanced I/O management and industrial safety ICs, seamless connectivity solutions for multiple communication protocols, and the very latest technologies enabling AI in embedded systems. Our motor control ecosystems allow designers to implement greater functionality and sophistication, and ST is a leading power innovator with new wide-bandgap technologies that allow higher efficiency in smaller power management designs.



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BLUENRG-2 and BLUENRG-2N (Flyer)

IoT-ready Bluetooth® Low Energy processors

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