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Monitoring the digital IT and OT infrastructure

Felix Berndt, Richard Barreto


24 maggio 2022 - dalle 12:45 alle 13:30 - Arena 4.Digital&Software

Increasing digitization in companies means that an ever greater digital infrastructure must be installed. This can consist of routers, switches, HMIs, gateways, and IPCs. It is precisely this heterogeneous landscape of devices and manufacturers that makes holistic monitoring of these devices more difficult. Should a fault occur, this can have a negative impact on product quality, or there could even be a failure of devices. The effect is even more severe, namely through the costs incurred in the event of a production standstill. With a monitoring software, the responsible persons are given the possibility to get a holistic overview of the health status and utilization of the respective devices. Critical conditions are detected early, and integrated alarm management informs the responsible persons. All this is done before a failure occurs. Many systems are only suitable for individual manufacturers and thus form monitoring silos. These often go into great detail but lose sight of the big picture.

Felix Berndt, Business Development Manager for IIoT and Data Centers EMEA
Richard Barreto, Pre-Sales Engineer Europe South