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A global production language – umati and OPC UA

T. Dasbach


30 maggio 2024 - dalle 15:00 alle 16:00 - Arena Industry (Pad. 4)

To this day digitalization on the shop floor is harmed by the lack of easy and universal connectivity of machines. Whether it’s a large amount of semantic models or just too many transportation protocols in the end connecting a machine in an existing infrastructure is a hassle and needs dedicated personal and tools. Therefore large associations like OPC Foundation (900+ member), VDMA (3600+ member), umati (330+ member) and countless more have combined their efforts to established harmonized models and protocol across all domains of the mechanical engineering. These presentations and demonstrations will give a brief overview on what has been done and how these international standards and implementation can be used to create value now.

Dr. - Ing. Thomas Dasbach, Team Lead