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Dunkermotoren – global partner for your individual motor solution

 As an innovative and quality-conscious company with nearly 1200 employees developing and producing sophisticated linear and rotary motor systems. With almost 70 years of experience in motor systems, Dunkermotoren knows the requirements of the customer and offers with their product variety high flexibility.
Due to our modular system with motor parts with up to 2600 Watts output power and the integration of logic and power electronics, it is possible to create an individual motor solution for the customer's application. All components of our various innovative motor solutions are designed and produced by us at Dunkermotoren.

There are not only brushless and brushed motors belonging to the product portfolio of Dunkermotoren but also linear drives, gearboxes, encoders and brakes. The variety of components makes it possible to realize countless combinations within our modular system. With production and logistic locations in Germany, Serbia, China and USA, Dunkermotoren presents themselves as a global operating partner for solutions in electrical motor systems.

Dunkermotoren – World leader for drives with integrated electronic

In the factory of tomorrow, the boundaries between the technologies and systems of industrial production blur and beyond this, from the field to the enterprise level and out to the end user. Intelligent motors with appropriate Ethernet interface from Dunkermotoren are part of this development which is based on the Internet of things (IoT). The increased networking, the use of cloud-based platforms and the decentralization of computer performance create completely new possibilities for the analysis and utilization of the data provided by the motor and also for the use of the motor itself for autonomously executed tasks. For more than 10 years, we have been a pioneer in intelligent motors with field bus interfaces and have therefore long been implementing the approaches discussed in the context of industry 4.0 with our customers.


Indirizzo: Allmendstr. 11 - 79848 - Bonndorf - Germania

Telefono: (D) 0049 77039300 / (IT) +39 0294693233

Fax: 0049 7703930102

Sito web: www.dunkermotoren.com

Referente: Carlo Castellini

Le nostre novitÓ:

Revolution inside

With more than 100.000 sold units, the BG 65 (S) from Dunkermotoren is probably the most sold industrial DC servomotor with completely integrated motor electronics. With the BG 65/ BG 66 dMove Dunkermotoren launches successor products now. They completely replace the present products BG 65 (S) SI and BG 65 (S) CI motors with low encoder resolution.

The outward appearance of this series with simple control electronics, formerly represented by “SI” motors, now called “dMove” differs just by a distinctly more powerful plug. Inside the motors, there is a completely new control electronics. Already in I/O version it allows to assign functions to the digital inputs - from simple speed controlling via analog input or fixed speed via digital inputs to combinations of current and speed controlling. Also, digital outputs can be assigned to functions. Not only the electronics, but also the real motor was optimized to reach  higher output power.

Compared to the former “SI” motors, it is possible to integrate dMove CO versions as slaves in CANopen networks and to control them via profile CiA 402 or even simpler via Dunkermotoren quick start commands. Here, all functionalities incl. positioning, speed and current operation are available. For projects, Dunkermotoren offers versions of the motor which are parameterized and controlled via an RS 485 interface. The newly developed commissioning software “Drive Assistant 5” helps intuitively to set up the motors.     

The dMove series is suitable for an enormous number of applications which do not require a high-resolution encoder. For applications with higher requirements, the BG 65 (S) PI, MI and CI are still available.   

Prodotto in evidenza: BG 95 DPRO

BG 95 dPro
Categorie merceologiche

  1.1 Motori standard
  1.1.3 Motori in corrente continua
  1.2 Motori speciali
  1.2.3 Servomotori DC
  1.2.4 Motori rotativi ad azione diretta
  1.2.6 Motoriduttori
  1.2.10 Azionamenti compatti
  1.2.11 Motori lineari
  1.2.12 Azionamenti di precisione
  1.2.14 Motori mandrino
  1.3 Piccoli motori
  1.3.1 Motori brushless a corrente continua
  1.3.2 Motori monofase
  1.3.3 Motori elettronici
  1.3.9 Motori a corrente alternata
  1.4 Azionamenti, sistemi, motion control
  1.5.1 Freni
  1.5.6 Riduttori
  2.2 Sistemi di alloggiamento industriale
  3.2.1 Encoder assoluti
  3.2.2 Encoder incrementali
  3.2.5 Tachimetri
  4.1 Sistemi di controllo compatti (PLC)
  4.2 Controllori modulari
  10.1 Ethernet industriale
  10.2 Sistemi di bus di campo

Comunicati Stampa

19/02/2018 - Ore :  -  BG 66 dMove (PDF 320 kb)

19/02/2018 - Ore :  -  ServoTube with Profinet drive (PDF 187 kb)

19/02/2018 - Ore :  -  BGA 22 dGo with attachments and integrated commutation (PDF 310 kb)

19/02/2018 - Ore :  -  BG 65 PN (PDF 380 kb)

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